You Have Stolen My Wings

You have stolen my wings

I leap
Reach for you
Taunting me overhead
Our love is nothing short
Of madness
Our love is a blazing sky
A battle of fireworks
Aimed towards the heavens

You have stolen my wings
But never told me why


The Crescent

The only lips that could be kissed
Without fear
A hand held when there were bags
To be carried
Too early in the day for
Lunch or even breakfast
But goodbye was consumed
A stretch of railway
I walked alone


A losing game

Losing miserably

This sense of self

Dense and failing

Flag burning in the wind

Strings at my wrists

Pulled tight

A fight I cannot win

But I am trying for you

Even if you’d rather

See me curse

And fall from my perch

Eyes turned skyward

The Earth must repair

Her own wounds



A tangle of sheets,
You would never
Let me sleep,
My side was yours,
Dreams passing
Through fingertips
And half-formed words.

I loved you then,
Spilling tobacco on my bed,
Dampening the paper
With your tongue,
I leaned in for a kiss,
And whispered against
Your lips:
“Breathe your smoke
As truth.”